Alebrijes – Wood carving –

We include a visit that we love and enjoy a lot to San Martin Tilcajete. This town is known for its wood carvings of real and fantastic animals painted with bright colors and designs.

wood carving

The making of these animals has become the major source of income for many of the families of the municipality, using carving techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.


For many families, the making of these figures not only provides an economic base, but helps to keep generations together, with aspects of the productions divided among the different generations. 


We visited the workshop of Jacobo and Maria Angeles, who have trained hundreds of craftsmen, beginning as apprentices the boys and girls specialize in the different processes of Alebrije making – carving the wood, polishing, decorating –


The carved pieces range from centimeters to meters in length or height.


Some of the finished pieces can be worth thousands of dollars

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