Markets are wonderful places to visit, not only to see the thousands of products on sale but just to see how ordinary people of the region live. Always full of vitality, hustle and bustle, noise, smells, colours beyond your wildest dreams, this is a chance to see the quintessential Oaxaca. The many indigenous peoples who live here come to sell their wares and locals come to take home with them what they need to live their daily lives. Come here for an orgy of the senses and pick yourself up a few bargains at the same time. You’ll find the people friendly and happy to show you their goods.

We arrange visits to the various markets in Oaxaca City as well as a special visit to Tlacolula market (30 minutes from Oaxaca) which takes over the whole village each Sunday. Be prepared for a special treat!
The nearest of the city markets are just six minutes’ walk from our hotel so take a firm hold of your bag and dive on in whenever you fancy. Most storeholders are very honest and you’ll find yourselves offered the same price as any Mexican shopper (we’ve tested this!) but there’s usually room for a bit of negotiation so don’t be afraid to come back with a counter offer if you feel the price is more than you want to pay.






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