Monte Alban

Visit to Monte Alban
If you have never had the pleasure of visiting any of the the amazing pre-Columbian archaeological sites then be prepared to be bowled over. Even if you have visited famous sites such as Chichen Itza in Yucatan you’ll find this place to have a very special magic of its own.
Nested on the top of a hill with views back over Oaxaca, the enormity of the structures and the expanse of the site are truly breathtaking. Our own very funny and knowledgeable guide, Diego, is a mine of information regarding the site’s origins, how the residents of this ancient town lived as well as what every tree, plant, bug or bird in the area is.
Construction of the site was completed around 500 BC and the community thrived until around 250 AD when it split off to form the two centres of Mitla and Zaachila (which we’ll also visit). Mystery surrounds this place and many of the recent finds from within the various temples. What are all the carved plaques (stellae) showing apparently deformed people? Was it possibly a hospital or rehabilitation centre? Without doubt they were carrying out surgical operations using coca leaves as anaesthetic. Find your own answers as you listen to the evidence that Diego will provide.

Archaeological site of Monte Alban


Our guide xxx


Group viewing stellae

The original stellaes are in the Museum xxx



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