Visits to Museums
Oaxaca has a very good selection of museums and we make sure that we get to see a cross section of these during our stay. Considering the purpose of our courses, we of course put the Museum of Textiles high on our list and usually enlist the services of one of their guides who has specialist knowledge of this subject. The Museum of the Cultures of Oaxaca is spectacular; nested at the side of the impressive Santo Domingo church and overlooking the Botanical Gardens, its architecture is worth a visit in its own right. The well laid out sections of the museum will give you a great insight into the culture and history of the Oaxaca region and make for a thoroughly entertaining visit. The Prehispanic Museum is a wonderful opportunity to see some of the art of the peoples of Mexico before the arrival of the Spanish in 1521.

Museum of Textiles

Museum of Prehispanic Art

The Cultural Centre of San Pablo is a beautifully done renovation of one of the oldest Spanish built buildings in the city of Oaxaca. Whilst managing to preserve much of the original structure, the restoration is entirely contemporary. Out of interest, the entire 100 metres of pedestrianised lane that runs down the side of the Museum of San Pedro is full of activities in the week and a great place to take a coffee whilst inbibing the atmosphere of this cultural enclave.

Cultural Centre of San Pablo

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