Oaxaca City

The city of Oaxaca, capital of the province of Oaxaca, is so full of life and culture it’s difficult to know where to begin – in truth it has to be experienced to be appreciated. We organise a City Tour at the beginning of our visit with our very own guide, Diego, who can point you out some of the fascinating details of the city as well as letting you get your bearings so that you can make your own mini excursions whenever you wish. Our accommodation is just 4 minutes’ walk from the Zocalo which might be described as the main hub of the city.

A walk up the Alcala

The city is built checker board style so you’ll quickly start to find your way around once you’ve placed the principle landmarks. A few of the must-sees include the beautiful church of Santo Domingo, some of the city’s wonderful museums, including the Museum of Textiles and the Museum of the Cultures of Oaxaca, at least some of the exhuberant markets such as the Benito Juarez Market and the multitudinous tiny shops, each with their own special products and characters.

Church of Santo Domingo

Heading up from the Zocalo is the wide and sophisticated Alcala, a long, pedestrianised road that will take you past innumerable little galleries, eateries ranging from huge columned atriums to charming little bistros with just two or three tables and probably the biggest range of brightly painted houses and buildings you have ever seen in your life. Each side street has a buzzing life of its own and all are worthy of exploring.

The Zocalo – have a coffee and watch the world for an hour



Our favourite storeholder at Benito Juarez Market (Maria, a lovely lady!)

Tasting ice cream, delicious!



Oaxaca is famous for its chocolate


And for the weddings!




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